What is the cause of laziness?

     “What is the cause of laziness?”Before overcoming laziness, firstly we need to understand why we are lazy?.

While using Facebook, Instagram and other social media we are not lazy,

we continuously surf it for many hours but when said to do some physical work we feel lazy and always try to avoid it by saying i will do it later on,

this is known as procrastination means delaying or postponing it by giving time.



Let me give you an

e.g. when you take a nice selfie or photo at that instance you are very eager to upload it on your social media account like Facebook, to see how many likes i got and how many people commented on my photo at that movement their is no sign of laziness at that time you are very excited and happy.

Ever thought, what’s the reason behind it? very simple, it’s your interest in doing the stuffs at one side you are interested in Facebook and on the other side you are not interested in doing any kind of physical work.

So, what’s the solution? again very simple,

make everyday interesting by doing something creative, something new and exciting, something which truly comes from your heart and try to explore things finding out every possibilities without any limitations but sometime we have to do certain things that we don’t like, don’t stop doing it but at the same time on daily basis learn something interesting for what you are passionate about.

If you want your life to be more interesting then no one will come to make it possible for you, unless and until you take action for it.

If you give your responsibilities to others then your life will be boring you will have to take responsibilities by your own keeping in mind i want my life to more adventurous i want to live life as if what i want not what others want.

The only way to overcome laziness is to make things more and more interesting, figuring out all the stuffs.

There are many things you can learn by observing great personalities like How to stay calm in difficult situations?,  How to tackle things?, How to face any problem?, How to manage anything?, What to do?, What not to do? etc……


“Take your own decisions, never rely on anyone”


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