What is real learning?


Real learning is not about giving you lure (लालच) or creating pressure on you to learn or crammer (रटना) something which is presently going in schools and colleges. It is just a mechanical way of learning. It is just like a programmed robot or parrot in which we give some information as input and it processes it and give the desired output. It is not real learning but unfortunately we all are doing same as robots. suppose you are an engineer and you are working on a machine for about 3 years this will make you expert in that machine no doubt because machine have manual to operate it but learning what life is ? don’t have any manual. 

Then what is “Real Learning” ??? let me explain you!!!. Real learning is all about when their is no scope of confusion  you are absolutely clear about thing with reference to your life because  when you become expert in learning what life is ? then you find out solutions of any problem very easily. For this you need to exercise your brain now “How to exercise your brain???”, by understanding each and every thing very clearly but not memorizing it in the brain, is the way to exercise the brain. So when you come across any problem, on the basis of understanding it, you can easily find out solutions.

Real Learning
Real Learning

Let me give you an example so you can easily relate it, suppose a fighter physically exercise for 3 years with a professional trainer so when the fighter comes to fight in the ring with his opponent he don’t have to remember the exercise what he had done with the trainer, at that time he just have to fight with his opponent because he had already done with his physical exercise with the trainer for 3 years, now it’s time to show his power likewise you had already done exercising your brain so you just need to understand the situation and you can easily find out the solutions. In this you don’t need to remember or memorize anything. So,



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