The Greatest


It is not more important what you talk to others, it’s more important what you talk to yourself  when you are alone. The way you talk to yourself will define the level of action taken by you.
Problems is, we all have a  bad habit of doing show off. It will never gone to help anyone. We need to understand the reality by coming out of illusions.

You need to tell yourself that “I am the greatest” it needs great courage to say it to yourself looking in front of mirror, you will have to build confidence in you.

So, think for the greatest thing possible for you. Greatest doesn’t means one who have big name, fame or money but the one whose work is extraordinary.

Suppose you are a teacher, absolutely passionate and honest about your work so definitely you are the greatest because you are giving 100% in your work.

You are the greatest not just because all people around you is saying it. It’s because of your attitude of seeing yourself. If you genuinely understand it then your actions will be at different level.

Those people who understands it are just like a magnets which attracts others by their energy and by their way of thinking.

You got attracted to those people because you can see some sort of energy in them. They are fully energized.


Let me give you one example. In Dhoni movie, when dhoni enters the pitch and says to non-striker batsmen,”I will bat first don’t get me run out”. This shows the attitude of great personality because he already know that he is the greatest player in cricket.

That’s why he was leading the team as a captain with other 10 player in his team. No matter what? if you have courage to do it you will definitely find a way of doing it.

Not to be greatest in your profession only but also in your relationships saying “I am the greatest father”,”I am the greatest son”, “I am the greatest husband” etc…this will build a attitude to be the greatest in your relationship. So, not immediately but after sometime you will surely be great.

Basically you have two choices, first one, go with the person who is already greatest or second one, become greatest. It’s just like working under a greatest company or opening your own company where all people can work.

Ask yourself, “If he can do it! why not i?”. It’s very simple, you don’t need to think too complex for such a simple question. If you understand such things then no one can stop you. You will become limitless.

Remember, everyone have certain hidden powers or better to say hidden talents. It may be possible that you don’t know it now, but you are very sure that it is their only then your energy will be at different level because you know that “I am the Greatest”.

We all are human beings we can think, we can use our intelligence, we can understand things. So, we all are great just need to build confidence in ourselves.

“Greatness is not measured by money or status,

it is measured by courage and heart. 

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