Stop giving excuses for work


We are giving lots of excuses for not doing work likely,”My parents have told me not to do this”,”I am a girl that why i will not be able to do this”,”I have certain responsibilities because i am a boy” etc…we always think that i want to do this & that but……this all buts are excuses.
What should actually be said,”though their are many problem but i will do it anyhow. If you deeply understand the importance of certain things then you will do it anyhow.

For example, if today is last day of paying electricity bill otherwise you electricity will cut, then you will definitely go and pay for bill first, despite of giving any excuses because you are very clear with the importance of electricity.

In the same way, if you are absolutely clear that the coming 2-3 years(young age) are golden period of my life otherwise my life will be ruined then the action taken by you will be of different level.



If you don’t understand it at right time then your whole life will be spend in earning wealth only. You will never see what’s beyond it, an another world. You will need to rise beyond money. I am pretty sure that everyone want to do something great in their life.

Did you know what’s the starting point of it? it’s a great dissatisfaction with your own life, you are not happy with your current situation and you decide,” It’s enough! now this needs to be change, something has to be done. All the success stories or discoveries starts with a great dissatisfaction.

It’s totally depends upon you, whether you really want a change or live a normal robot life. We are so confined that we always give excuses. By giving excuses you lie to yourself only.

Though you have thousands of problems in your life but if you genuinely feels, then only

one reason is enough for you to do something better in life.

Another thing to be noted, if you set a goal and you are not getting it right means your interest is no longer in it, so you can change your goal then this will not be your excuse this will be your decision based upon you experience.

So never stick to your goals, if you don’t have enough skills or talent in it then it will never gone to work for you. Sometime we are very afraid to take a step back from our wrong decisions because we think that what everyone will say about it?, so we continue it forever. Remember, your goals may change but your purpose should remain same.

Everyone have different purpose in their life. Purpose of living better life, not just to run behind money whole life by sacrificing everything. At last, finish or center point are same but the ways of achieving it is different.

           “Excuses are merely nails used to build a house of failure”

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