Positive vs Negative thoughts


Actually, their is no such kind of positive or negative thoughts it is just an opinion of one.

It may be like by one person or may dislike by other one. We are giving it a tag of positive or negative thought.

If it is positive then we are happy but if it is negative then we become sad but actually thoughts are neutral no negative no positive.

The movement we realize it we become relax, the fight between positive or negative thoughts ends, then we act according to the situation by seeing it as it is keeping all directions open to listen, no negative no positive just the situation.

Positive Vs Negative Thoughts
Positive Vs Negative Thoughts


Let me give you an e.g. suppose you fight with someone, then what will happen? you will start thinking possibly all worse situation for him/her.

Afterwards you will think why he/she had done this to me?, he/she shouldn’t have done this with me etc……see what is happening here, firstly you think all worse then you worry about it.

What’s the solution?

simple, leave positive or negative thoughts, leave what you think, leave what others think just see what actually it is and stick to it.

It may be not necessary what you think may be truly right because you are just thinking it, actually what is behind it may be something different because we don’t know what was going in his/her mind at that time,

we don’t know what the reason he/she had done this, we are just stick to our point of view and start feeling sad about it.

If both leave what they think and starts thinking from others point of view keeping their ego aside, solving it sitting right in front of each other than all the problem can be solved easily without any efforts.

Big problems can be solved by little understanding and compromise.


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