How to Overcome Laziness? 31 Ways

“How to Overcome Laziness & Procrastination?”


I know you are little lazy and trying to figure out things like “How to overcome laziness or procrastination?”. Boom!!! all my dear friends you are on right website to get your answers, so let’s get started.

Firstly, your need to understand “What is laziness?“, So as to overcome it.

What is Laziness & procrastination?


1]. When you try pushing out things that you don’t want to do and never cares about it that means you are lazy.

2]. Laziness only been seen when you don’t get certain things right as you wish it could be and though you have to do it that’s where you feel laziness.

How to overcome laziness?
What is Laziness?

3]. When you are lazy, you try avoiding and postponing things to be done later and that later never comes again in entire.

4]. Laziness means when you are deep alone within due to which a highly intend of not getting up to do stuff trigger in your mind and your physical body also supports you for not doing it.

I hope you are understanding it somewhat better. So the above three points takes us to another question, that i am pretty sure you must have that “What is the cause of Laziness?“. So here is your answer


What is the cause of laziness?


It’s interesting to see that we never feel lazy to open our social medias like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube etc and swipe it up and down whole day long without getting any idea that it’s too much time that we are using it.

You are so indulge in it that it passes out your 2-3 precious hours in just like 3-4 minutes. Another example,

you wake up early in morning for playing cricket with your friends but when said to wake up early for going to schools what will happen definitely you will feel lazy going out for schools.

How to overcome laziness?
What is cause of Laziness?

Ever thought why such things happen whats the reason behind it?. Probably, No!!! because we are so busy in our daily life.

We just don’t have time to think over it but i am here to help you out it’s my responsibility that your visiting my blog post for getting answers and i should have it.

So the only cause of laziness is your interest of doing things not more than that. If you are not really interested or excited for doing stuffs you will never make it through.

Why don’t you do things which excites you more, which you find more interesting. I know my dear it’s not so easy in today’s busy world, but you can still try to learn new things on daily bases. As it’s been said,

my life, my rules

So, i marked it as you know “What is the cause of Laziness?”. So now you know what is laziness?, what is the cause of laziness? it’s time for the climax of the picture that, “How to overcome laziness?

But before we start you must be clear with one thing that it take time for changes to happen it’s a process which includes little bit of time.

So to overcome laziness just an overnight is not an easy thing.

Lets move back to main point and figure out “How to Overcome Laziness?”

How to Overcome Laziness?


I know in today’s busy world, all of us are tried and try to find out ways to overcome laziness.

So for all my dear friends i have put a little effort to solve your big problem with my little blog post. I hope it will help you out little bit.


How to overcome laziness?
How to Overcome Laziness?

Here are Top 31 ways to overcomes Laziness,

1] Stop Dreaming :-

Once you stop dreaming and get into the stuffs you like to do, without putting any shit about what will be it’s result. Then you find it more interesting and their is no shadow of laziness.

2] Responsibility :-

When you genuinely take responsibility of doing something better in your life for your personal growth and development then their is no sort of laziness.

Also when you indulge in doing something as a main leader with a great deal of responsibility on your head. Then laziness just shuts down like a computer.

3] Control :-

When you start talking to yourself that i need to control this otherwise it will create a big problem in near future. It may be for any bad habits you have.

And when slowly…slowly you keeps on changing things, you will have a fine control over yourself and your habits. So controlling is also one way to overcome laziness.

4] Addiction :-

I know by hearing this you are thinking that how addiction can help you out to overcome laziness?. Addictions are not only for bad habits like blowing out cigarettes, having alcohol or any kind of drugs.

Addictions may be for good things also like to become something, having dreams to be fulfilled or passionate about helping others.

So if your are truly addicted to this kind of things then probably laziness have no wings to fly high in the sky.

5] Value Time :-

If you understand that the time you have at the young age of 20-25 is very valuable and precious. If you missed it, you will be regretted for your whole life.

Then the action taken by you will be of whole different level and you will never waste your time because now you know “Time is Money“. So this helps you to overcome laziness.

6] Habit :-

If you develop certain good habits from a very young age and when you grew up, you will notice that this helps you a lot for the achievement you make certainly.

Remember, it may happen you indulge in bad habits too. So, i will say it’s your wish which one to acquire the bad one or the good one.

7] Curiosity :-

If you are curious to know the things you love than their is no laziness. I know you are still reading this post and i don’t see any laziness in you because you are very curious to solve a big problem called as “Laziness“.

So, i hope you are not getting bored reading this big post.

8] Focus :-

Be focus on doing things consistently. Never sit still thinking, one day i will have a fancy big car or a big property. You need to stand up and keep trying things constantly.

But, focusing on right kind of things in right direction makes it more and more better with full clarity. So, focus can be another weapon to overcome laziness.

9] Never Give up :-

A strong thought of never giving up things too quickly and easily also helps to move ahead in life.

Certain saying of big Entrepreneurs always helps us to do something big because they have already proved it. So, the thought of “not giving up” never put a shadow of laziness.

10] Motivation :-

Tell me if i am wrong, watching Sandeep maheshwari’s video always motivate you to keep on doing more and to find different opportunity in life. (Please comment down if you find it wrong).

If you truly understand the things he says then only one video is enough to keep you motivated all your life. So motivation is another one way to overcome laziness.

11] Change :-

If you are really dissatisfied with your current situation and ready for a change even though it hurts you today but makes a better future tomorrow.

It’s better to do hard work for 4-5 years then just to sit ideally, watching the play for your whole life. So, change is also a way to kill laziness.

12] Learning :-

I know when you heard this word, you just think of learning all those theory from books but no i am not talking about it. I am talking about learning from real life experiences, sounds more better.

When you have practical approach of doing things you gain experience this is what i called “Learning”. So learning also erases laziness.

13] Activities :-

What i mean by this is that Activities can be any like involving in sports, events, social welfare… etc.

This will excite you more and kept building you engagement with the society. Also build a great deal of confidence in you.

So, doing Activities also drains out laziness. We are making this “laziness” more and more uncomfortable that it’s confidence is getting low and low.

Are you enjoy it, let’s move ahead !!!

14] Smartness :-

By doing things in more smarty way helps you not to waste more time in it. so as to indulge in other stuffs also.

If you are working more physically that means you are not smart enough and by applying little smartness in it you can make it better. Because working physically makes you more lazy.

So smartness is also a key to overcome laziness.Remember smart work sometimes also include hard work also so as to make other to understand it also.

15] Punishment :-

I know you are thinking how this will help you to overcome laziness. Because by listening this word punishment you just thinks of punishment that were given in schools like doing sit-ups or to stand up on bench, sounds funny!!!.

But i am not talking about it. I mean to say by punishing yourself for the important work you forgot to do. That by to do it now instantly. So, Punishment also helps in overcoming laziness.

16] Hobbies :-

This is interesting to see that when you have different hobby and when you start doing it each you are so indulge in it that your time passes out quickly. If this happens to you also please comment below. Because i want to know if i am right.

Let me co-relate it, when you play cricket 3-4 hours passes so quickly that you find it surprising. And you wish to play more also. Until at the end your whole energy comes down to zero.

So, Hobbies can also put a cut on laziness.

17] Take Small Steps :-

What this means is that when you see lot of work at a time all those energy to do it comes towards laziness and this is not unusual. this happens to all.

So by breaking each of those work in steps periodically you find it more easy to do. Which make a great deal of interest in it also. So, this will help you to overcome laziness.

18] Practice :-

Keep on doing things again and again by never losing hope and have no greed of getting any benefit from it will also help to overcome laziness.

As it’s been said practice makes man perfect never or less women also. So keep on practicing things also helps you to overcome laziness.

19] Management :-

If you are able to manage all things properly without any doubt that you missed something. You don’t need to study any management courses for that.

If you have lot to do than you will have no time to be lazy and if you manage it nicely than there is no cause to be lazy.

20] Rewards :-

This technique works very well. If you praise yourself after achieving a little also may be by giving yourself a little treat. You feel amazing and happy.

This also helps you to move ahead and keep doing it further. Which in-turn helps you to overcome laziness. So reward yourself at each step you move ahead.

21] Enjoyment :-

This doesn’t mean to go to bars, doing party all time…etc. In other sense enjoyment is that not take life to seriously. To go and see the beautiful world, plan a trip with your friends and family..etc

Be chill and enjoy your life also leads to overcome laziness. Keep on trying things not now but later ahead you will probably find a good result.

22] Exercise :-

We think that by sleeping our energy increases. It’s not true, but by taking quality sleep our energy increases. Quality sleep means deep sleep. When you work physically more, then you have deep sleep.

Do some sort of exercise for 1 hour daily in morning and after taking dinner, at night go for a walk to digest your food properly and to have deep sleep.

Then your body and mind will have sufficient rest and you wake up feeling energized, then their will be no trace of  laziness.

23] Water :-

Every morning when you wake up just sprinkle water on your face. This will end the laziness for sleeping more and you will be energized. Also drink one glass of water daily after  waking up from bed.

24] Cleanliness:-

Cleanliness is directly connected to laziness because if your surrounding environment is clean your mind inside also stays clean and you feel good and energetic.

Your home should be cleaned, all things inside it should also be cleaned.

If you have nothing to do just clean garbage around you. By doing this you will be tired, as you work physically and at night you will have quality sleep. On the next day just continue with your professional work.

25] Goals:-

Goals must be realistic that’s create energy and which is also challenging for you. It  should not be impossible and one should set time frame to achieve it.

This will also clear your mind that within one week or a month i have to achieve this.

You should not live a life without goals. If you have goals then all your energy will be focused in center to make it happen in real. So, you don’t get time to be lazy.

26] Acupressure:-

Buy acupressure kit which will cost you around Rs.500-600 online (#Amazon,#Flipkart). Every morning when wake up just stand on the sq. plate which comes along with this kit this will increase your energy.

How to overcome laziness?
Overcoming laziness

27] Fruits :-

After waking up within 20 minutes eat some fruits it may be banana, apple, chikoo or whatever.

The reason behind it because at morning your metabolism is low so when you eat some fruits your energy regain again.

There are certain fibers in fruits which releases energy slowly in your body so it sustain for more time.

Instead of fruits if you take tea or coffee in morning then your energy will sustain only for few minutes. So one should prefer fruit only.

28] Purpose :-

If you have a big reason to do something then their will be no laziness. You will not waste your precious time. Purpose of doing something great is very important.

If you don’t have any motive in life then your life will be boring and when you are bored you feel laziness. So, you must have purpose of living life.

29] Planning:-

If you have strong planning of whole day that i have to do this at morning, this at afternoon, this at evening then your energy will automatically increases laziness will wipe out but their are certain days where you are free, you have nothing to do then definitely laziness will overpower you.

At that time just be aware about what is happening around you and in this beautiful world. Don’t sit idle operating your mobile whole day long.

30] Awareness:-

If you learn to sit continuously in one position without any efforts, just seeing what is their?, what is happening within you? listening it carefully.As soon as it happens all things inside you will be cleaned and you will feel energized.

31] Self-control :-

Whole day from morning to night we are so busy in operating mobile that mobile phones controls us by attracting towards it. We are becoming slaves of so called mobile phones.

Actually what happens when you use your mobile for certain specific work but due to some sort of notifications of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc you indulge in it so much that not less than 2 hours you operate it.

After that you realize that your eyes are too tired, your body starts paining due to holding your phone in one position for 2 hour continuously. So, the very big cause of laziness is your mobile phones.

This doesn’t means not to use your phones but to use it as an when it is truly required.

At the end i will say, thank you so much for reading the whole Blog post. I was very much exited that i created an interesting Infographic for you all. Don’t miss it see it below


How to overcome laziness?
6 Tips to Overcome Laziness


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