How to Overcome Laziness in Study

How to Overcome Laziness in Study? 11 Easy Steps

How to Overcome Laziness in the study?


I know when it comes to studying you feel lazy and boring. So for you guys in this little article, I have mentioned 11 steps to beat laziness.

You always try to avoid learning by wasting your time unless and until a time comes when you have no option but just to face it anyhow.

Frankly speaking, I also don’t love it because it doesn’t create any interest or excitement to attract towards it.

How to overcome laziness?
 Overcoming laziness in study

Not to be tensed more, here I will show you step by step ways to defeat laziness.

First of all, you need to find time for “When” to Study. So our first step is as following,

Step 1:- “Study in the morning”


It is been said when you study in the early morning then you don’t feel too lazy to learn.

That doesn’t mean to wake up at 4 and start reading better to complete your sleep fully and wake up probably at 6:00 or 6:30 am.

Do all the morning activities and start your book work from 7:30 to 8:00 am.


Try it for a month or two then see it really working or not. If you find it right and you are not feeling lazy then Bingo!!! you have made it.

How to overcome laziness?
morning study

If you don’t, then try it for a more 3-4 month see the results again. You will definitely get somewhat improved in the result.

So, morning learning can also help you to conquer laziness.

Let us move to the next step probably “Where” to study,

Step 2:- “Your location of studying”


Is it really matter on which place or location you are?. Well, it does, the surrounding atmosphere of yours plays a major role in your learning.

Just tell me one thing, you will either love to study at the place which is near to the garbage or dumb.

Or you will love the place where you are surrounded by all the natural greenery and a small beautiful sitting arrangement in between.

How to overcome laziness?
Natural Greenery

Definitely, 100% of us will choose the second option as simple as that.

Because somehow what you feel in you is indirectly connected with the work you do or which you are going to do.

If your surrounding is amazing and healthy then your laziness will automatically reduce and will come to an end.

So, your location will also help you to trash laziness

Let move to the third step which is “How” to study,

Step 3:- “Your body posture”


What this actually means is that what’s your posture whether it’s laying down on the bed, hanging on your sofa set, on chair or floor.

Whether you are on the bed or chair your body posture should be straight. (as shown in the picture)

Your back portion should be as straight as an arrow but not to put more effort into your back in order to make it straight. A slight bend matters very little.

How to overcome laziness?
Body Posture

By making it in your regular practice, you will automatically adjust yourself is such a posture without been forced by your brain.

This will also help you not to feel asleep or any kind of gesture of being lazy.

So, Body posture will also make a little effort to avoid laziness.

Let’s move to our fourth step “How” much to study for not getting bored.

Step 4:- “Study less but study smart”


Well continuously studying for 4-5 hours does make a sense rather than to count hours one should go for quality. Better to study 2 hours than 4-5 hours but wisely and smartly.

Giving yourself a little break will also help you to deal with laziness easily.

Take a break for 10-15 minutes then further continue it. This will maintain a great deal of interest for a long duration.

How to overcome laziness?
Study Smart

Remember, don’t just learn so as to get marks in the examination. Learn something from it and see what changes you can make to improve your life more and better.

So, studying smartly can also decrease your sleeplessness.

Let’s move to the next step which is our fifth one “How” to make the study more interesting

Step 5:- “Connect it with some characters”


What this actually means is that,

If you feel that it’s getting more and more boring just change your way of learning things.

Make it as a story, assigning different characters to each of them accordingly which you wish to be.

Let me explain you in little deep,

suppose a little boy is learning numbers 1,2,3,4… in math and he is not loving it all.

So what to do in such a situation to make it more interesting for him to remember. You just need to assign a cartoon character to those 1,2,3,4 numbers.

Give number 1 to Doraemon, number 2 to Nobita, number 3 to Sunio…..etc

How to overcome laziness?
Cartoon Characters

What will really happen is that when the boy connects those numbers with the cartoon characters which he loves,

he remembers it more easily and effortlessly without any pressure.

So, he will learn the numbers easily as if each cartoon character assigned to a particular number.

So, this is a unique way to beat laziness let’s move ahead,

Step 6:- “Break Tasks into Pieces”


This means that when you feel there is a lot to do, you have to make a smart decision by breaking those study tasks into pieces to avoid being laziness.

For e.g. It’s easy to break a single stick but when it comes to breaking 5-6 sticks together it becomes more difficult.

How to overcome laziness while studying
Tasks into Pieces

In the same way, it’s not easy to learn whole at a time but by doing it into pieces it becomes more easy to achieve.

And on the other side, it looks more feasible.

So, this easy step will also be helpful to solve laziness problem.

With that said let’s move to another practical step which is,

Step 7:- “Always avoid Intrusions”


Hey, what’s this word “Intrusions” means? Simple, it states that always avoid distractions or disturbance.

You should go to such places where there is less disturbance of people. You should have your private study room if possible.

And one more suggestion, while studying new carry anything like a mobile, earphone, music players, laptop etc any electronic gadgets with you always grab attention towards it.

Distraction While Studying
Distraction while Studying

Which will ultimately be going to lose your concentration? The best advice, only to carry books and the water bottle on whichever place you study, simple as that.

There can be other distractions too like a loud noise of T.V., Outside Construction, Trains, cars…etc but it will not affect you more in a closed room.

So, avoiding intrusion is another way to overpower laziness and focus more.

Let’s move to our step no. 8 which is,

Step 8:- “Start slowly & increase gradually”


This step tells that start studying slowly, don’t try to swallow whole at once because, in the end, you will not be so comfortable with that.

Increasing with a gradual pace will help you to remember and understand more easily.

Study slowly & gradually
Increase Slowly & gradually

This will also help you to build an interest in it for a long duration of time. And in the end, you will not be bored.

So, Starting slowly and increasing gradually plays an important role to kick off laziness.

There are some things which are indirectly connected to your laziness basically the food you eat and the amount of water you drink.

which leads to our next step that is,

Step 9:- “Right kind of Food”


Proper nutritious food will convert efficiently into energy and this energy will help you to be more active.

And if you are more active you will be able to concentrate easily.

So, stop eating junk foods and start a fix healthy meal in the daily routine.

Healthy Food
Healthy Food  

Take tips from health expert nearby you and ask them to help you out with the daily routine meal.

 Fruits are one of the best options to be included in it.

So, Right kind of food which will indirectly be very helpful to crush laziness.

Step 10:- “Drink water periodically”


I am sure that you are thinking about how this be helpful to overcome laziness.

Let me explain, as we know that our body is made up of 60 percent H2O so as to make our organs work properly a sufficient amount of water is needed.

Somehow, if your organs don’t function properly your mind will be more focused to solve that problem rather than to study.

Drink water periodically
Drink water periodically

A small tip always tries to carry a water bottle with you so as when you are thirsty you can drink it.

  And make a habit to drink water in a certain interval of time may be every one hour.

So, drinking water periodically can also help you to thrash laziness and learn well.

Let’s move to our last step which is,

Step 11:- “Learn more Digitally”


        As we all know that the world is growing more digitally and the users on interest are devastating very fast.

Internet Users
  Internet Users

So you can also take help from the internet to learn more fastly. There are many organizations which are providing excellent valuable online learning like BYJU’s.

If you want to learn by watching the videos you can take help from YouTube – a video sharing company which is totally free.

  Mind well as I mentioned ahead keep your mobile away while studying because certain things like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp always hampers you the most.


There are always two sides of a coin if you use the internet wisely it will be very helpful if not, it will create a terrible problem in near future.

As people love to be more on the internet, learning digitally is one of the best ways if done in the right way to quash laziness but it totally depends upon you.

So, this last step indeed very important to vanish laziness.

With that said thank you for reading the complete Blog post,

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