How to Overcome Laziness in morning? 2 Ways

How to Overcome Laziness in the morning?


I know you find it difficult to wake up in the morning, so especially for you in this little article I have written 2 easy ways to Overcome Laziness in the morning.

When you make a little effort to wake up so as to overcome laziness in the morning, a very 5-minute sleep comes in front of you like a wall and you sleep again.

And those 5-minute sleep turns into 20-25 minute more in reality. Isn’t so?

Yes, it is, so what’s the very practical way to solve it? See, I really want to help you out for overcoming morning laziness. I want you to be fit and active at least 16-17 hours a day.

How to overcome laziness?

I don’t want to waste the precious time that you are giving to read this Blog post. So I will make it worth for you.

Let’s get back to our topic, I will ask you a certain question and I will be the only one to answer it. I bet almost all of you will agree with it.

Here comes the very first question,

“What efforts you make to wake up?”


Probably nothing, because you love sleeping whole day long and I know that. So what you need to do to eliminate it.

Here comes a very simple solution

Just set an alarm at 6 or 6:15 am, as soon as it rang at 6 or 6:15 am immediately count decreasingly from 5 to 0.

When your counting comes to 0, within a fraction of second just get out of your bed quickly.

How to overcome laziness?
morning laziness

What will happen, this creates an urgency in you to wake up as you are counting by your own only and at the end when it comes to zero you wake up without being lazy.

Try it for a month or two, see it really work for you or not. If it is so just commenting down below so as to share your experience with others also. By doing this it will also help others to try at least once.

Another way to wake up early without being lazy is, to tell others who wake up early just make if for you also.

So the next step after waking up which leads to our another question,

“What is the very first thing you do when you wake up?”


If I am not wrong, probably I am not you just check out your mobile phone to look at the messages on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram.

So the very first step of yours after waking up is absolutely wrong. So, what to do? Not to fear when your friend is here which in this case is me.

I will tell you a perfect solution to it. What you need to do is that, make a “Day Work Plan” in advance which you are going to follow tomorrow. Just glance through it at night not to crammer it at all.

How to overcome laziness?
Day Work Plan

What will happen, when you wake up in the morning the very next day. You don’t need to think about what you want to do the whole day long as if you have already planned it yesterday.

You just need to visualize it and make it happen in reality.

This will also help you not to be lazy in the morning to make a plan for the whole day.


Another advantage of this, you may lose a very bad habit of using your mobile phone just after waking up because you will be just focusing on your whole day work. Simple as that !!!

Doing some little sort of exercise also make you fit and the active whole day.

If not only you but all your family members together go for a walk or exercise in the morning will also give you a big reason to just leave your bed.

How to overcome laziness?

If any member gets into a lazy mood for not going out for exercise. Then the other member will motivate him/her to join them.

In this way, your surrounding atmosphere will be full of energy to keep moving you ahead with no sign of laziness in the morning.

But meanwhile, if you are telling that you don’t have time in the morning to go for a walk or exercise.

Let me knock you out if you have f*cking time in the morning to use your Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram looking at the messages feeds and stories then probably you will have time to do exercise in the morning also.

How to overcome laziness?
Social Media

So, this type of excuses will never help you out to overpower laziness.

I hope this little tips & tricks will help you out to conquer laziness in the morning. I truly believe that this will create a major change in your life so as to

 “Overcome Laziness in the morning”


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