How to stop overthinking?


Actually, overthinking is not a problem if we stop thinking more than their will be no difference between humans and animals. Scientist use their mind to think more and more deeper to discover something new.

Human brain are designed in such a way, but wrong thinking is big a problem then a question arises,”What is wrong thinking?” It may be possible that a thought which is wrong according to you may be right according to other one.

Then, how to differentiate right thinking and wrong thinking?. It’s simple, thinking which are based upon reality is right thinking and thinking which are based upon beliefs is wrong thinking.

All beliefs are just an illusion but reality is just reality were no one can doubt about it. There is no place for belief in reality but today 99% of us just think based upon beliefs, by not knowing what is actually behind it.


Suppose, you watch a horror movie and at night you are not able to sleep because everytime you try to sleep you start remembering those horror scenes due to which you are scared but actually it’s just your belief because it’s a human being with a horror makeup trying to frighten you.

So, you should be absolutely clear about beliefs and reality. If you just think based upon beliefs then their will be conflicts. You will not be able to understand things clearly.

It will create many problems. So, if you are clear with the concept of belief and reality then the problem of overthinking will stop.

Sometime in a relationship you are confused whether that person is good or bad, or it’s just your wrong thinking based upon wrong belief.

So it’s better to go and have direct conversation with that person to clear all doubts and conflicts.

This will make your relationship more stronger, Suppose you made a mistake due to which your friend stops talking to you for whole life means he ends friendship with you,”What will you do now?”.

So it’s better to clear your mind that i am a human being and it happened by mistake, you will have to forgive yourself.

No matter he forgives you or not. Now it’s his problem not yours. You have tried your best to apologize him. So no need think more about it just move ahead.


“Overthinking is not a problem,

wrong thinking is a big problem”

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