How to overcome fear?

                                                                 ” HOW TO OVERCOME FEAR !!! “

   Firstly, we have to understand what is fear? then and then only we can be able to overcome from it.

Suppose, you are working in a company and your boss says if you did any mistake you will be immediately fired out from job. now, you will be afraid and you will work with fear thinking that you will be fired out. At that time just ask yourself a question why i am in fear just because my boss will fired me out from job then again ask yourself what will happen if i will be fired out from the job ? then again you come to some conclusion that you will not get your salary at the end of the month, again ask yourself what if i will not get my salary at the end of the month ? then you again come  to some conclusion that you will not be able to fulfill you desires because with the money you will buy some stuff like clothes, new bike, new carpet, new furniture etc. So what we concluded is,



It is just like a coin which have two sides. Now ask yourself again how many desires you have, if you will have more desires you will definitely have more fear.


Another fear is when you are attached from someone for example your friends, your parents, your relatives etc then both desires and attachment leads to fear then what is the solution.

Taking the above job example, again just think and ask yourself question that you are really attached with you work or job, or  are just attached with the money you get from it at the end of month.
I am definitely sure that you are attached with the money, not with the work. now, what to do? you just need to do one thing, love  your work then you will never have fear of loosing it because now you love your work or job, you are not attached with the money. So the only way to overcome fear is love and their is no other way to overcome it.

So, when you love your friends, your parents.. etc then their will be no fear of loosing them because you are not attached with them but you love them. “Love and Attachment are two different things” .

                                ” THE ONLY WAY TO OVERCOME FEAR IS LOVE ”     


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