How to meditate anytime,anywhere?


Anyone can meditate anytime,anywhere in the sense, if you are fully aware of what is happening? in the present movement then you are in meditation.

We think that we have to do meditation but actually it happen automatically same as love happens, we don’t need to do anything into it.

If you are attentive in particular movement and fully aware of it then you don’t need to concentrate on anything.

All things will come to you accordingly, you don’t need to put any kind of efforts.


Problem is, we are not attentive for what is happening presently just running behind what should happen and become sad.

Suppose you are in relationship and when you truly understand what she want from her life then your relationship will be better for that, you just need to be in present situation to understand each other.

Meditation doesn’t mean you need to fold you legs and sit straight with some kind of hand gestures.

Even if you are sitting on a chair in relaxed position and fully aware of the scenario, thinking about what is happening in your life?, no matter thousands of noises are around you but still, you can meditate.

Any problem in this world even if the big one, is not big enough for you if you are focused clearly.

Problems in your life can be solved easily by just understanding it, seeing it as it is and definitely you will find out a solution.

Not to cry for what you don’t have just enjoy what you have presently and even if you get those things what you want, after sometime you will be more greedy to get more and more.

 “The thing about meditation is you become more and more you”

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