How to make your body fit and active?


The most important thing that we always ignore is our health. We never work on our body.

If you set a goal in your life and you achieve it but your body is not supporting you with respect to your health then it will be worthless, you will not enjoy it due to lack of energy.

Energy comes from healthy nutrition.

Just like an aircraft is checked before take off, in the same way you should also check your energy before taking any kind of action and see if, energy is increasing or decreasing. If increasing, then it will add a value to your health.

At young age we take are bodies for granted by never taking care of it and when time comes after some year, effects are reflected on our body having many major health diseases then we take action on it but probably it’s too late to rise up.


Fit and Active
Fit & Active

We should be physically as well as mentally fit but before we are fit mentally we have to be fit physically first, if not then it will definitely affect our mental fitness.

Actually sometimes we feel sad and unhappy for no reason because somehow it is connected to our body pain and we don’t know about it.

So the first thing is to work on our body which doesn’t mean to go to gym because it is just on superficial level. One way to work on our body is to take healthy nutrition and another way is to increase our holding capacity.

Let me explain,

suppose you are doing yoga and your muscle stiff from back due to which your shoulder is paining very badly and you do all the remedies to cure your shoulder but the main part which actually needs to be cure is back muscle.

So you need to hold on certain stretch for a minute or a while during yoga so as to hit it in actual part. It may pain for sometime but after that it will be cured permanently.

Although you are fit then also you should do some stretching, some strengthening just as we lubricate our vehicles for smooth functioning.

If at a young age of  20 to 22 their is certain pain in your body then this is an indication for you that soon it will be going to convert into something big.

This also means that you are doing something bad which is affecting your body. Don’t ignore it.

Fit & Active
Fit & Active

Every body part is interconnected with each other. If any part of your body is in pain then it will definitely affect the other one. There are basically two kind of pains

1) Good pain 2) Bad pain.

Good pain means, if you do exercise and after sometime your leg starts paining but if you don’t do exercise on next day and their is no pain in your leg this means it’s a good pain but if your leg are still paining for a week or month then it’s is a bad pain.

Other interesting fact of our body is that it changes everyday suppose you do exercise and your shoulder starts to pain, when you exercise again on next day, if your pain get swift to another area it means you are going in right direction because now your shoulder part is fully relaxed.

Pain must swift, this means you are going in deeper layers of your body and it will only swift when you hold a pose for a minute or two while exercising.

Sometime you feel good doing exercise and sometime bad also.

Leave both of them. If you want to do it by anyhow you should do it because at last it will have good impact on your body.

Daily one hour of exercise is enough for our body. Once you start working on your body energy flows throughout you properly.

If you practice it for two to three years then your muscles will become strong and your energy level will also increase.

After that put all this energy to work on your mind, moving it to the next level because if your aim is only to become fit then their will be no difference between you and animals as they are already fit.


“Yoga means the ultimate union of Body, Mind and Soul”   

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