How to make every moment of your life new and refreshing?


Let me ask you a question, watching a movie for the first time excites you more or watching a movie again even if you have watched it 2-3 times before excites you.
Definitely your answer will be watching a movie for first time always excites more.

In the same way the world is like a movie but we are living in our memories only.

This makes our life boring. Doing same kind of work all day long never excites you.

What i am trying to explain you is that we are just remembering our beautiful childhood past which are in our memory by thinking that our present life is boring and dull.

Every old moment passes away with the coming new moment but the problem is, the way of seeing new moment of life is old which should be actually new.

If you understand such simple thing clearly then your life will be new and refreshing.

Every experience of your life is new,

though it may be similar but it will never be same.

There is small difference between similar and same which create a major change. Similar means just like that but same means exactly copy of that.

So, life is always refreshing you just need to change the way you see the things.

New and Refreshing moment
new and refreshing life

We always stick to certain things and whenever it changes we don’t like it and we become sad.

You can set an example just by replacing it by a living being means when people who are close to you have certain change in their attitude then you don’t like it and you say that he has been changed.

Think, if he remain same all throughout then he will be just like a non-living toy. So, you really want that those people who are close to you don’t change and be like a non-living toy, definitely not.

So, simply not to become sad when certain changes happens around you.

If you are open to everything, everyone and all experiences then you are open to life this is what life is. Open to means ready to accept all things.

If you understand that all bad and pleasurable experiences are part of our life by accepting it totally, then every moment of your life will be refreshing.

See thing around you patiently by observing it again and again carefully. Here you have two choices either you will find certain newness in them or you will be irritate seeing it again and again.

If you are irritate of it then you are stupid because you are not able to see what is happening actually. So, it’s in your hand whether to live new and refreshing life or to live old and dull life.

“life is beautiful, just change the direction of seeing it”


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