How to Increase level of your Understanding?

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“How to Increase level of your Understanding?”

Firstly, we need to know, “What is Understanding?” then and then only we will be able to increase it. Understanding means knowing yourself from inside as well as from outside.

Inside that means at the level of mind and outside means at physical level of your body.

When you start learning from your life experience may be good or bad, may be in your profession or relationship then one can say that you have increased your level of understanding.

Understanding of not a particular thing but understanding of life which cover whole things is important.

At the starting point of your life means at childhood, we should develop a learning attitude not memorizing attitude but today we are just said,”Not to use your brain! just do what has been said”,” Not to ask anything” etc……

we are so confined that we are just acquiring bookish knowledge nothing more than that, but it is just secondary knowledge then what is primary knowledge?.Knowledge which comes from practical life experience are primary.

We don’t need to memorize it. It automatically get stuck in our mind.


Another aspect of understanding is rising above. Suppose you are in relationship and due to some reason you argue with your partner.

Ever noticed when you argue, you always try to prove yourself right without understanding other points of view. You never try to put yourself in such position and without thinking you just starts arguing.

So here comes another aspect of understanding that is rising above right or wrong, When you see things neutrally you understand it more clearly and deeply.

That’s how a scientist thinks to discover something new. In the same way, one should understand each other in a relationship.

Right time to increase your understanding, when you have no problems better to say less problems in life because it’s better to learn swimming before, then to learn when your boat is about to sink in river.



Successful people thinks in a simple way. They just see the problem of audience, understand it and try to solve it by giving good services.

When your life become effortless means no stress, no pressure nothing like that then also one can say that your understanding has been increased but on the other hand if you have to put efforts to manage your relationships, your financial problems, your life then this is an indication that your understanding is shallow.

This is due to lack of understanding. So you need to focus on it because nothing is permanent than understanding.

But today, nobody is concern about life, nobody is passionate about life, nobody understands the depth of self-education.

Understanding yourself “Who am I?” absolutely, should be ultimate goal of your life.


The biggest communication problem is,
we don’t listen to Understand,
we listen to reply.

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