How to be happy all the time?


                                         HOW TO BE HAPPY ALL THE TIME !!!

 what is “happiness” actually means ??? let me explain you.firstly, happiness does not lie in your good settle job, your good career, big luxury car parked at your beautiful house, your big property because they are not permanent they are temporary they may or may not last with you for long time and all people try to be happy on that bases which is just stupidity not more than that!! they are just pleasures so one thing keep in mind that



when you eat chocolate, eat your favourite food, drink your favourite juice, got good marks and starts comparing with your friends and other students and you think you are happy but actually it will not last for long because it is just momentary pleasures which make you happy it will never make you happy for whole life then “How to be happy for all time??”

The biggest happiness of your life is that you are “alive” which is most important to you rather than your careers, jobs, pleasures etc. you do not need any other reason to be happy because you have biggest reason to be happy that you are alive and it will never change till the last breath of your life because it is permanent and it is based upon right understanding & facts. you have your parents with you which helps you out in any difficult circumstances in any situation of your life. so be happy.

The Universe works so perfectly to keep you alive, just think over it. let me give you practical example suppose by any reason the temperature of the earth increases to 2000* C then no one will be alive everyone will die, then where is your so called  career, job, pleasures etc ???  so to keep you alive “The Universe” create such a balance and make earth exists so you live in it safely. This is real happiness.

                                          ” WE ALL ARE BEST CREATION OF GOD ”  


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