How successful people think?

                                                             ” HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK? ” 

Let us firstly define when a person is said to be  “SUCCESSFUL” then and then only we can understand how they think. Basically, four things to be taken in consideration :-

1] The person should have sufficient money so as to satisfy his/her basic needs or more i.e he/she should be financially stable.

2] Person should have enough time for himself/herself, for his/her family, relatives, friends.. etc. Generally you work with your body so when you give time to yourself, you work on your body relaxing sometime, refreshing yourself, seeing what is going on your mind, giving direction to your life… etc. It is just like servicing your car.

3] Freedom of what you want to do freely without any interruption though many people are successful but they don’t have freedom.

 4] Satisfaction, when you are fully satisfy with your life you are full of energy but when you are dissatisfy you waste your energy.

“Let us come to our point how successful think”

  Successful people always try different things. So what you have to do just align you thinking in way successful people think and act accordingly. Highly Successful people always find a way to do something and solve the problem. where else unsuccessful people always give excuses and find a way not to do anything by blaming others.

Successful People
Successful People

 Suppose you are a college student. one boy is giving presentation in auditorium when you start feel boring you start criticizing that boy saying your friends sitting around you that i can do better than the boy you try to pull that boy by criticizing him and believe me 90% around you come under this category because from childhood you have taught to copy. So by knowingly or unknowingly you are following crowds doing same thing. So you copy 90% around you but successful people which comes under 10% think differently. They are mad doing some creative stuffsThey act wisely, take decision at their own risks, work smartly and move ahead in their life with a great speed.

                      PEOPLE IS SPEED OF ACTION”        



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