Overcoming fear of failures.


Do we really face our failures in right way?. Suppose you failed, though you are not willing to remember it but people around you may be your parents or relatives always try to remind it anyway. But what actually happens when we fail?.

The very first thing we feel sad, we don’t like it as simple as that and another thing we react quickly when anyone pinches us.

Sometime we cry also when we are alone. So, feeling sad and crying is not a problem it’s very usual. This is natural phenomenon of human being.

So the problem is, we actually don’t face our failures rather than we always try to ignore it by giving excuses or by blaming others for it.

In the same way as student give excuses saying,”This time paper was very difficult”,”Checking was very hard”,”Paper was easy but i had prepared for difficult one” etc…..we don’t accept it fully just blame others for this. Doing such kind of things will never going to help you out.

This will frustrate you and frustration is directly linked with restless mind. You will never be able to run away from that failure.

Overcoming fear of failures
Overcoming fear of failures

So, what’s the solution?. Simple, firstly you need to be peaceful. For this, you will have to face your failure completely, you will have to find the root cause of failure.

Detach yourself and ask a simple question why you failed?, what was the reason behind it?. When you detach yourself from it you understand it more clearly because now you see as if why this person failed? not as why i failed?.

Secondly accept it fully, Yes i failed! but not in whole life but in this particular thing. Third point, learn from your failure. So you don’t repeat that mistake again.

Remember, your purpose of doing something should not to achieve something big but to learn something from it.

This should be your ultimate goal. Leaving your success or failure behind what you become from inside is more important.

This will also lead you to become absolutely fearless, then even if you loose everything you can build it again easily because you have learned from it.

Last thing, grow out of it means if you succeed then not to show off just grow out of it and move ahead in life because your goal was to achieve this but your ultimate purpose was to learn something from it.

In the same way, if you failed not to feel sad or depressed just grow out of it and move ahead. So firstly, face your failure. Secondly, accept it fully. Third thing learn from it and fourth one grow out of it.

“Failure is success,if we learn from it”

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