How to manage relationships?

“How to manage relationships?”

Firstly, you should understand that you will never be able to make everyone happy in relationships, it may be with your friends or relatives because everyone thinks differently and have different expectation in relationship.

The movement you starts fulfilling expectations of everyone, who are close to you then they expect more from you, it will never end.

The expectation in a relationship is endless.

Even fulfilling expectation of one person in your whole life is impossible.

So far, we need to understand the person who want something from us in a relationship is really a need or just a desire because desires of getting everything even if not needed is just a stupidity.



It is possible to satisfy one at materialistic level like giving him/her costly phones, branded cars or anything like that but at physiological level means at the level of mind it’s impossible to satisfy one in a relationship because human behaviour or programming is such that to increase it’s wealth and territory more and more.

Suppose, you made a mistake and after sometime you realize that it was very big one due to which your relationship with other ends.

The person feels so bad that he/she ends relationship with you then what will you do?, Now it’s in your hand how to act in that situation you should act in such a way that it should not affect you from inside means at the level of mind.

Never worry when your relationship ends with anyone because of your mistake or others, just learn from it.

It may happen you grow more from inside by becoming more stronger and happier.

So it’s better to change yourself from inside, by not making efforts to change the outside world.

But how will you come to know that i have changed from inside? when your desire of changing the outside world ends then you can say that i have changed from inside.

As you work on yourself more and more, you come across certain things in which you lag behind.You will be able to identify your fault easily.Basically,

you never understand others point of view in relationship

 but you just think that i am right and i want this to be happen.

You always want other person to be perfect though you are imperfect and at the end you expect your relationship to be good which is next to impossible.

In fact, in a relationship both should understand each other and work accordingly.

So the beginning of strong and long lasting relationship, should be from your side first.


“The best way to manage relationship is to understand each other”    

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